An Innovative Organic Farm

Mountain Road Estate, Working with nature to offer New Zealand Organic White Sage, Lavender and Truffle products… Working hard to offer you the best possible natural products 

We (Dan and Kylie) and our three children feel blessed every day to be here, watching the plants grow (and sometimes die) learning as each season passes, we feel truly lucky. We have spent the past seven years planting and caring for our land and trees, all with the vision of offering quality, sustainable products to contribute to the world’s happiness.

We grow Lavender because of the magic and suppoort it has given us in some of our hardest times, we grow white sage because we want to give New Zealanders an opportuniy to experience ethical spray free white sage energy, and finally truffles because they are fasinating and delicious. 


We grow many things on our three acres, to name a few, lavender, truffles, hazel nuts, Salvia Apiana, Rosemary, Kawakawa as well as many other medicinal plants. We grow, maintain, harvest and process all of the goodies here on the estate with love and respect and enthusiasm.

Everything we make; we make it because we use it, because it adds value to our days and way of life. We feel like we are not unique in terms of what we want. We want happy and fun days- we feel like Mountain Road Estates products contribute to this universal objective and we feel great about that.

Mountain Road Estate is a place of creativity and innovation; if you book a garden tour with us you’ll get a chance to learn about the cycles we have developed to become sustainable. You’ll also learn about the machinery Dan has built to achieve quality results on a small scale and the fun we all have creating and changing on this small yet productive piece of land. It is fun and it is hard work;  each member of the family has their role in keeping our little farm running well, even our deaf dog has the job of hunting our truffles. 

Our Story

How We Got Here

Our journey to Mountain Road Estate began when our second son was born, he was so darn cute and in a lot of pain. His tummy was immature which then meant he lived with severe reflux and other tummy challenges for 1.5 years this resulted in him sleeping no more than 2 hours In a row ever.. he was also full on and full of life. About nine months into his life we decided that living in the city with our two boys was not going to cut it.. we couldn’t see or feel the happy and fun days there for us. Dan found a different job and we made the move to Hawera and found our little piece of paradise facing the powerful Taranaki. Our plan was to grow food and medicine and heal ourselves. For the most part we are doing just that, (although I’m no good at growing tomatoes) and sharing the parts that we are really good at with the rest of world.

A year into loving on Mountain road and we welcomed our third baby, she also had tummy problems and the sleep deprivation compounded significantly. This is when we learnt about the importance of energy clearing and self-care in general. Prior to kids we just worked and played and worked and played and self care wasn’t a thing, however after the three kids within four years and managing that on our own (family are generally unavailable) self-care became really important to us. This is where the oils and smudge herbs became essential to our well being as well as special delicious truffle food. Everything happens for a reason and we are just following the messages.  Please follow yours :).

Our Vision

Fun, Happy Days

Every day is a fun, happy day full with laughs, energy and great sleep.

Our Mission

A Better Feeling World

To support the shift towards natural wellbeing by offering  products that make the world feel better.

Features of product

What We Do

Organic Farming

Our Health and the Health of Mother Nature is so important to us. We believe that putting toxins into the ground in order to manage weeds and or enhance crop yield is counterproductive to our objective.. to create a high quality product. AND SO WE DON’T USE ANY POISONS SPRAYS TOXINS.  We care for our land.. we hand weed where necessary, we create sustainable cycles to give back to the land where we take out, it feels good and we know our offerings are better for it.

Garden Tours

If you book a garden tour with us you’ll get a chance to learn about how we create and innovate at Mountain Road Estate. We will eventually be offering workshops and energetic healing when our babies are more independent.

Create, Innovate, Learn

We have developed our own cycles to become sustainable and offer effective and beautiful products. Dan has built machinery to achieve quality results on a small scale, Kylie is constantly learning about plants and their healing properties and how to incorporate them into our lives to heal our aliments.  We find we are our most creative after a few hours outside working in the dirt.

Promote Self Care and Connection

We hear it regularly now, prioritise your wellbeing. Invest in your enjoyment, connect with mother nature as much as you can. We believe that our products and messaging support this Kaupapa. Follow @mountainroad_plantenergy to watch us incorporate self care into our lives. Watch the ups and downs, the contrast and flow and learn how you can move through your phases with greater ease


“Mountain Road Estate products have quickly become essentials and are incorporated into our nightly routine for myself and my three children.

We have all been sleeping better and feeling generally uplifted.

I love knowing that these products are grown and made locally by a family owned and operated business. Will definitely be back for more. “


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