Dreams, nightmares and energy

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Can receiving a random smile from someone make you smile?

Do you notice how your mood may lift by someone else’s presence or energy?

I certainly do! I also feel it the other way too!

I can feel when someone isn’t being truthful, when someone isn’t feeling well or has anger within

If I’m not mindful of this, I tend to absorb the energy. Good or bad and if I don’t intentionally remove the negativity it can end up in my dreams or my sensitive children’s dreams.

This is one reason why I energetically clear our home with white sage smoke regularly. I’ve been sleep deprived for way to many years to have nightmare or terrors interfering now!

Sometimes I miss it, sometimes I’m too in my head to realise that what I’m feeling isn’t mine or that I’ve actually created or invited something in without realising it.

I will wake from a nightmare clearing it from myself and then often I’ll get visited by each kid in the night because they too have had a nightmare. So fascinating how the energy can be transferred or generated or transmuted.

Now dreams are interesting sometimes there will be a message in the dream, my dreams often give me insight to how I’m feeling about something.. Once I’ve had the dream I don’t require that energy anymore so I will clear it, creating more space for the new higher level stuff.

Understanding what my children are dreaming of and what scares them is also interesting…but not when it is night after night and the poor poppet is scared to sleep.

So many woman contact me looking for help because their babies can’t sleep, often they live in a old house or have moved to a new house and there may be some residual energy that younger ones can pick up on more than us adults. Often people of the spectrum are also more sensitive to this type of energy too…

Trust in your own knowing

ask yourself what do you already know about this?

Is it helpful to you to consider the following?

What do I know about this house, this land this energy?

What is happening under the ground? Is there a underground river?

What super powers to do I have? What super powers do my people have?I

Is a simple intentional moment sufficient to clear it?  Can I clear it with my own white light?

Can I clear it with a mist?

Can I clear it with smoke?

Is my body calm enough to accept the new energy I am welcoming in?\

Am I spending time with someone new?

Are these energies mine? What am I creating?

Haver I entered a building that I feel uncomfortable in?

Is there something in my past that need to be felt through?

The three tools that I can recommend after the above questions are:

A chill out roller- its always helpful to calm the nervous system after a nightmare especially at night- kids also like you to have actually done something.. this can be used as a nice grounding ritual as well

A white sage mist- to clear and protect for the rest of night

A smoke wand- for the next day- open all your windows, light up the sage wand and allow the smoke to remove all stagnate negative energy (instructions will be included).

These are available online now at a discounted bundle rate


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