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Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing to Calm Your Senses, Mind & Soul

 Searching for more enjoyment and abundance in your life?          Busy places tire and stress you out?                  Have trouble moving past conflict? Find it hard to slow your mind? These are all symptoms that I was experiencing, until I learnt about energy clearing. It is possible to clear negativity, stagnate energy and anger through the power of smoke clearing. Mother nature has given us powerful plants that can not only heal our body, but shift our energy and mind.  Smoke clearing is a ritual that has been practiced by many ancient cultures for 100’s of years.  Smoke clearing changed my view point on life, sleep deprived and moving through a spiritual awakening where I was open to energy attacks I found burning certain herbs the most effective way to feel calm and safe in my home.  After over five years of working with mother nature to nurture, harvest and bundle her gifts we have come up with the most effective and wonderful smudge/clearing wands that will work for you and your family.   So what do you do? dont worry our wands come with step by step instructions, but to give you a little confidence now I’d say, that you light the herb wand on fire and once its blazing blow it out, it is the smoke you want so let it smolder. watch the smoke move up to the heavens. Allow your self to be covered in the smoke focus on each of your energy centers of where you feel the most tense. then move around your home focusing on dark parts of the house, or places where you find your thoughts get the most negative. The most important part of clearing with smoke is to trust yourself, drop out of the judgement we have been conditioned to feel and allow your inner guidance to lead.  try it, if smoke isnt  your thing we have distilled white sage so you can enjoy the power of this cleansing herb in a mist.    


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