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Free Spirit Mist

Joyful Hair Detangling

Free Spirit Mist has been blended from herbs growing in our organic garden, specifically for our free spirit daughter who wants to have hair like rapunzel and play like a Ninja. The Taranaki wind, our love of the sea and her gorgeous thin curly hair all reasons why we desperately needed a detangler that could condition her hair as well. We tried other store brought options but they led to tears and it felt uncomfortable putting stuff in her hair that I didn’t even know what it was. So, we created Free Spirit Mist:
  • The rosemary hydrosol conditions the hair, helping it grow and maintain strength.
  • The lavender aspect calms us both and adds  a smoother texture to aid detangling.
These plant smells are known to scare away nits. We added the oil to the blend because we found that both of us got up-tight and frustrated with the hair brushing process. The lavender oil gives us a little reminder to stay calm as well as adding a something and thickening texture to the blend allowing for improved detangling and less frizz.  This gorgeous organic mist has transformed the mornings for many mothers. Doing your free spirited daughter’s hair will be easier, a joy… the dream you thought it would be with this safe mist. 30mls of free spirit mist for $16


Free Spirit Mist and White Headband Giftpack


Free Spirit Mist Natural Calming Detangler


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