Wintering, how nature leads by example

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A good friend of mine, does a good friend thing for me every winter! She reminds me of the importance of winter, of following natures lead and wintering..

Many plants go inward during winter,

their outward growth is minimal, and they work on their roots, stay still and rest. Many animals do this too, there are so many lessons that come from watching nature move through the cycles of the seasons. When the time is right plants start to bud up, green up and then flower.  Birds start to busy them selves with nesting, animals leave their holes. Also they also all do this at different times of the season, it doesn’t just shift within a day, some take their time not sprouting untill November, others like the elderberry tree started budding up in July.

Are humans physically able to keep going 100 miles an hour though all the seasons?

If there was a time to slow down wouldn’t it be winter?  And just because everyone else is feeling ready to bloom doesn’t mean you have to, each person has had a different experience though winter.

Us Taranaki Zinslis rest in winter

Thanks to my friend and nature I have learnt that my time and our families time to rest is winter, it is a time for us to strengthen our connection to one another and also more importantly to ourselves. Winter is a time to rest our bodies, plan a little, basically not rush. I find it easier to do all of these things in winter when the sunshine is not calling me out to play.

Already now I want to play outside in the sunshine, get into the garden, get on my scooter, play at the beach. I will do these things but I will do them slowly, it is only the last day of August! So I will also make time for reading in the sun and resting because I know that I want to have a good summer, and thus far I haven’t wintered well.

Have you wintered well?

We were doing winter pretty well, until the kids and I got the flu, chest infections, ear infections, more viruses, 20 days of steroids all contributed to our bodies ending up more tired than when we started … so I will be intentionally going slower, making sure I soak up the last of the rest time…because summer time fun is important to me.

Equinox isn’t till the 23rd.. we have a few more weeks and then, then I’ll be in the garden at markets, at the beach, on my scooter!

Have you wintered well? how can you best support your body during this season transformation?

Thank you for reading

Sending you blessings

Kylie Z  


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