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We are honoured to be the middle people between you and nature!  


Fatigue and energy problems? We offer White Sage and Lavender solutions that will soothe your body and mind  

Days are busy and holidays are scarce, we are now in a time where small actions are the only practical actions we can easily take to make our days better. Lavender and White Sage work well within your body and spirit  to help you relax, sleep and feel good. 

 The stress of daily life is tough and it takes a toll on your body. Using our Lavender and Sage solutions can allow you to relieve stress, enjoy restorative sleep and get back to being the person you want to be, allow your soul to take the lead. .

 Caring for our body and mind is an important aspect of how we live.  We are here to share the easy ways we make our life better with nature .

 We are a small scale lifestyle block that offters Truffle, Truffle inoculated trees, white sage, Lavender and other botanical wellness goodies. There is something for everyone here! 

Everything that we offer comes from our garden and our hearts, there are no additives, no toxins, just the power of nature.  We truly believe in the ability of natural products to support your body and mind to be the best it can be. We harness the the power of the mountain, the sun and our own Mahi to offer you the best products for your well being.

Choose better for yourself and say goodbye to your toxic habbits 

We have respectfully created a number of amazing lavender products to contribute to your family. Lavender Rollers that are safe for your skin, mists to keep head lice away, sage wands to renew energy and teas to boost your mood naturally. We are honoured to be the middle people between you and nature!


Mountain Road Estate
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