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An intro to managing dust mite allergies

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So you have just found out you have a dust mite allergy…

So you have just found out you have a dust mite allergy and you want to get rid of them as soon as you can! Fair enough the longer they are in your home the more poop you will have to clean up, or worse breathe in.

What do I recommend to get rid of the mites in your home?

  1. Mitegaurd matress protector to put a good barrier between you and the mites, I’d recommend vacuuming your mattress before adding the protector, just to remove any easy to get mites and their poop
  2. Mitegaurd pillow and or pillow protector, if your pillow is over two years old up to 10% of the pillow can be just dustmite poop
  3. Begin a new cleaning routine where you vacuum space you live in at least twice a week and follow with a dustmite spray around key areas
  4. Get rid of old soft toys
  5. Make sure your vacuum is a HEPA filter Vacuum
  6. Hot wash sheets and snuggle blankets once a week
  7. Dustmite spray bedding every 3-4 Days
  8. If things are really bad, look at getting a air purifier, we have a Dyson one and I highly recommend it
  9. Air out bedding in the sun and then spray

These are the key actions we have found to be the most helpful.  Eventually we will look at removing the carpet, getting a mite guard duvet protector and installing a HSV ventilation system.

The Miteguard products are expensive (but in my experience worth it) and if this is something you cannot allocate funds to at this time, I would recommend vacuuming your mattress as often as practical and trying the dustmite disappear.

What is a Dustmite?

It is a tiny bug that eats dead skin, you cannot see the dustmite unless you have a microscope.  They live for about 80 days and can lay about 300 eggs in its lifetime and can poop 200 times its body weight in their lifetime. They do not cause/spread disease however many people are allergic to the poop they produce I (kylie) am one of those people.

Dustmites thrive in humid weather and live off eating your dead skin. Therefore ensuring you are cleaning and hot washing is a great way to kill the buggers especially when the weather is humid.  I have found the dust mite spray is great for that extra bit of safety, it often feels like a safety blanket and is great to travel with.

A friend of mine believes that regular exfoliating is a great way to manage dust mites, if you have less dead skin to shed you have less to feed the mites and they have less to poop.

Ill be adding more content on this soon xx

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Blessings and good luck from Kylie Z


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