Don’t burn Imported sage-but why?

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I’m dreaming of a future where NZers have access to good quality NZ grown Salvia Apiana (white sage) and there is no need to import sage because there is no demand for imported white sage.


  1. It’s better for the environment
  2. It’s better for the white sage grown in California (reduced pressure on the native scared plants)
  3. It’s better for the people who burn it (no sprays upon import)

It is my passion; spending time with this plant in all its stages and phases fills my cup! Connecting with this plant on a range of levels keeps me balanced, and in return I want to serve it, our mother who allows her to grow and the people who share this earth with me.

If we don’t import white sage….

if we grow our own in our soil there will be less plastic and less miles travelled. This simply will contribute to our earths ability to recover from the trauma we are putting her though.

If you have put any research into white sage and the origins you will learn that sadly white sage is becoming depleted in its native country due to over harvesting.  Buying NZ white sage ensures that you are being respectful to the people of California allowing them to enjoy their sage. Knowing that cultivated sage from NZ purposely grown for the purposes of clearing and healing will contribute to the native Americans ability to retain control of their plant grown in their land.

Our land will give us what we require: plants grown nearest your feet are the best plants to help clear the energy you do not wish to retain. Plants harvested in a distant land, transferred through many hands, traveled by plane and then sprayed to protect out bio diversity will be depleted and less powerful and meaningful.

The energy you’ll receive from a small NZ white sage farm will be far more beneficial for your wellness than anything travelled by boat and plane covered in plastic.

Get the most from the plant with sage grown in the land you live on!  

If you grow white sage and have excess please get in touch.. I have a dream that NZers will enjoy the benefits of NZ white Sage, but I do not want to be the only supplier, I’d love to work in collaboration with other passionate growers J

sending blessings

Kylie Z


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