Wild Harvested Vrs Cultivated

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I often wonder what is better- Wild harvested or intentionally cultivated? Wild harvested has an allure to it, thinking that it is more natural. Cultivated- meaning intentionally grown and cared for, to me it  indicates a clear relationship that has been built and nurtured for often many years to get to the stage of harvesting.

Does it come down to the harvester, their connection with the place, energy, plant?

When I’m out in the garden and the plants ask me to harvest them, to use them and share them I’m filled with awe, gratitude, elation, joy and wonder at these amazing plants whom I’ve created a friendship, a reciprocal relationship with. A contact if you will; they have agreed to grow in our soil, I have agreed to care for them and their soil, they then share the fruits of their energy and I take time to honor their gift and where possible share it with our community. I think its blimin amazing!!  How incredible it is as a human to be part of this natural process, to work with the plants, and at that time I think there mustn’t be anything better than this.

Then I might be wondering in the bush and come across some Horopito or Kawakawa and the plants starts signing to me, asking me to take a few leaves to use it for my family’s well being. Then I think how amazing is this planet, this plant this world that there is energy growing without any support (from human) that then just offers up its energy for us to respectfully harvest and heal our bodies and mind. The gratitude for these gifts is immense!

I just can’t decide what is more magical

I do wonder if it’s okay to wild harvest on a large scale for profit, definitely wild harvesting for personal use is incredible, but to wild harvest for profit; I’m not sure how a harvester could manage such a large responsibly and honour it. These thoughts do not apply to those people participating in cultural rituals of course, they have their own laws and standards and connection that govern and protect.

So for me, a plant lover I will continue to share the plant energy from plants that I have created a relationship with from the start. I will continue to share the magic of these plants I care for and talk to most days. I will only wild harvest for my own Whanau and only take small amounts from plants that do not grow in our soil.

What agreements do you have with nature?


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