What asthma looked like for, and why I won’t go back!

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Asthma is different for each person, there are some consistencies and many contrasts.

What does asthma look like for me… extreme fatigue,  lost voice, physically drained and stagnant, endless coughing between the hours of 10pm and 6am,  waking my family up during the coughing fits and then having to calm them back down so they can sleep too… because I can’t handle them being tired too or worse worried (poor babies).

Constantly trying so hard to show up but struggling to even put my car seatbelt on.. Spending spare moments trying to find a new something to try to help me.. Putting off the doctors because I just hate the steroids, but knowing it’s the only thing that is really going to pull me out of the hole. Sitting at the doctors crying saying there must be a reason why this is happening.. what other information do you have…

Taking it slow.. saying no adventures, no to  jumping on the tramp with the kids, unable to utilise the tools I would normally use to help me maintain mental health (running, yoga, dancing) I had to say no to everything because my lung capacity was so poor.. what a big lesson!

Im still learning to go slow when my body asks me to, its hard when I have so many things I love doing, and three great reasons to do it all. However the reasons why I want to do everything is also the reasons why I now am learning to put myself first, to look after my body, because the asthma can come back if I don’t look after myself.

So I look after myself so I can be the adventurer, creator and carer I desire to be!

Number one priority for my body is managing dustmites, it was the bloody dustmites that was triggering this type of relentless asthma. If you can relate to this then get a skin prick test to identify any allergies your body might have,

Sending you love and light

Kylie Z


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