Reiki and why our goodies are infused with reiki?

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The majority of what exists on this planet is unknown, even the most scientific person would agree with this.

We do know that “Everything is energy, even though matter seems solid”, everything is vibrating even on the smallest molecular.

Reiki is tapping into energy,  Rei meaning spirit/universal and ki meaning life force

Reiki uses the system of the universal life force energy to bring healing and balance to the body and mind and I love it!

Reiki’s origins are from Japan, and the lifeforce energy modality has spread world wide as more and more people start to acknowledge the power of energy and energetic healing.

Why I infuse our products with reiki,

*To bring love peace and healing to those who choose to vibrate with our products.

*To ensure that our goodies will bring an extra layer, extra value to your life, because we value you, because the world needs more healing and balance.

I have been practicing Reiki for five years now, mostly on myself,  friends and family and in conjunction with access bars (another energetic healing tool) and massage.  These three modalities have enhanced my ability to think clearly and shift towards a life with purpose and gratitude. Please feel free to ask any questions about this.

In the future I would love to offer my healing services to the wider community

Sending blessings

Kylie Z

Reference: Valerie Oula


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