Skin, Fatigue, energy challenges

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7 Simple steps to better Gut health

Skin issues, lack of energy, asthma, anxiety can all be linked to sub optimal digestion, is your gut digesting how it should?
Mine; is a sensitive tummy, stress, hormones gluten and dairy send my tummy on a tangent of aches, pains, constipation and diarrhea (sorry if that’s TMI for you).
Sooo I’ve had some motivation to learn a thing or two about gut health over the past 10 years.
Some things I do to keep my tummy feeling liveable!
Drink lots of water, and I add plants to the water that will support my gut, peppermint, dandelion (more for kidneys but hey) fennel, Rosemary, Chamomile, lavender, Doc root.

1)Manage my dairy and gluten consumption- I choose alternative when possible
2)Make time to be aware of my feelings, sometimes my emotions hide behind my busyness, its easier to be busy than deal with my emotions, but the emotions go to my gut an twist and turn it, so being aware of this is important.
3)YOGA, the twists, so so good to do some twists to release the toxins
4)Lavender oil, manage the stress before it gets tight and when there are aches, a bit of lavender oil is a great way to soothe it (use the roller and roll it right on to your tummy
5)Learn! I’m always learning new ways to look after my myself, these people are great in terms of general wellbeing and food to follow Steph from @wellness.from.within, Reishi Meg from @thespiritgarden and Yarrow from @herbal_jedi
6)Rest, no amount of herbal remedies, or western medicine is a replacement for good old fashioned rest.
What do you do for your gut?


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