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Managing Dustmite Allergies

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Yes I use our DUSTMITE DISAPPEAR  every four to five days to stop the reproduction of dust mites in our soft surfaces (we all have dust mites in our house, even if you are a clean freak! The climate here in NZ is perfect for them). DUSTMITE DISAPPEAR  isn’t the only thing I use to manage this allergy!

I use a MiteGuard Pillow and well as their pillow protectors, mattress protector and duvet cover. I even request that hubby uses a pillow proctector- I don’t want his dust mites flying over to my side and into my body (MiteGuard.co.nz).

MiteGuard® products have made a huge difference to my health; they made it easy to reduce the allergen trigger without having to replace all of my bedding and bed.  MiteGuard® effectively keeps out the microscopic mite so they won’t poop on my bedding, and if they are on my bedding they can’t get into to it. Our DUSTMITE DISAPPEAR  then stops them from hiding and kills them. Effectively stopping their reproduction cycle.

I also vacuum every second day with a hepa filter vacuum, and hot wash our sheets every Friday. I  aim to reduce exposure during the day (choosing hard surfaces while I am out), therefore ensuing my nervous system is calm enough for a good night’s sleep and a healthy body.

Without these actions I get an instant itchy nose and mouth, sore red eyes, eventually the irritant wears down my immune system and my face breaks out in a rash and I catch each cold that’s going around. My lungs also become inflamed and I experience asthma like symptoms. Trust me if you have someone in your life that has a dustmite allergy they will really appreciate it if you don’t start a pillow fight. The symptoms and on-going effects of allergen exposure are very horrible,


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